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 Apple Tree Toddlers

“Reassuringly Interesting”

Research reveals that toddlers need interesting free flow spaces and practical, hands-on activities. After all, they’re enjoying the ability to move around freely and independently for the first time in their young lives. Only just beginning to explore the limitless possibilities that the world has to offer.

You will no doubt want us to nurture this new-found sense of freedom and curiosity!

Our woodland and parkland settings, together with garden style activity centres, more than satisfy the most adventurous of toddlers.

For millennia, children have grown up in multi-aged groups and clans. That’s why we tried mixed age rooms in our nursery schools. We discovered that our toddlers are frequently inspired by their preschool-age siblings and friends. Encouraged to try new activities for the first time and learning new social skills as a result.

Apple Tree Toddlers incorporates our nursery settings, rooms and facilities dedicated to the care of toddlers typically from ages 2 to 3 years. Designed to support your child’s initial Early Years development through fun, play-based and practical, hands-on activities.

You can depend on Apple Tree Toddlers to ensure your cherished little one will be stimulated, happy and fulfilled by the personalised care, a wide range of activities and the new friends that they will make.

Apple Tree Toddlers covers all your sessional or full day care nursery and preschool needs:

  • Term time only or all year round
  • Full days 8-6pm, half days 8-1pm or 1-6pm, school hours 8.30-3pm or 8-4pm
  • Specialist toddler or mixed age classes
  • Plenty of fresh air and outdoor activities
  • Woodland and parkland settings
  • Snug, secure home from home environment
  • Optimal nursery school classes 20-30 children, limited spaces
  • Individual, personalised care
  • Generous staff ratios
  • Exemplary nursery school to parent communications
  • Limited spaces available
  • Competitive prices guaranteed (*)

(*) Price match guarantee for equivalent sessions, of reputable quality, found elsewhere locally.


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