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We ensure our prices are consistently the most competitive around (*). All of the time.

Funded Half Day£FREE
Funded  Full Day (8-6pm)£FREE
Unfunded School Hours Day (8-4pm)£62
Unfunded  Full Day (8-6pm)£67

Half Day (8-1pm or 1-6pm) and Term Time Only (38 weeks) sessions also available upon request.

(*) Price match guarantee for equivalent sessions, of reputable quality, found elsewhere locally.

New free funded spaces are being rolled out in line with the government’s expansion scheme.

FREE Trial Offer

Don’t forget about our 14 Day FREE Trial Offer! Call 01273 271969 to register now!

Funding & Payment Options

We accept all funding and tax saving options, including:

  • 30 hours funding (all age groups)
  • 15 hours funding (all age groups)
  • Tax free childcare (^)
  • Childcare vouchers (^)

(^) Saving you a further 20% off any fees payable.

(*) Price match guarantee for equivalent sessions, of reputable quality, found elsewhere locally.

We’d be more than happy to talk through your options at any time, please call 01273 271969.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you limit the number of children attending each day?

Put simply it’s much better for your child’s well-being and development. We intentionally limit the number of spaces, so your child receives the personalised care that they both need and deserve. The best private schools in the country limit class sizes to 15 to 20 children. It’s no different with nursery schools.

Young children, toddlers and babies thrive in environments where they feel safe, secure, loved, heard and understood. Every member of our highly qualified team (not just their key worker) knows your child by name, fully appreciating their unique personality and developmental needs. Likewise, your child creates strong bonds and relationships with all their teachers and friends.

At such a young age your child can not possibly cope, let alone thrive, in an environment where 80 to 120 children are constantly battling for attention and where the noise, hustle and bustle overwhelms them. In noisy, bustling environments like this they will, unfortunately, find it difficult to concentrate, learn or establish meaningful relationships with others.

Does this mean your fees are higher than others?

No. Our fees are pretty much in line with most other nurseries and nursery schools, who typically charge between £65 and £70 for a full day (8-6pm).

And yet, we still provide all the following:

  • Private school style class sizes, limited number of spaces
  • Highly qualified and experienced teams
  • Better educational and developmental outcomes

How do you do it?

We sacrifice profitability in return for smaller class sizes, a highly qualified staff team and better educational outcomes for the children in our care.

Other, larger nurseries (charging the same or similar fees, but for 80 to 120 children per day) compromise quality of educational outcomes in return for increased profitability.

Do you provide good structure and routine?

Yes, like most other nurseries and preschools we have a structured day that involves learning / work time, play time, snacks and meals, and incorporating plenty of fresh air and outdoor activities. However, what’s unique about our approach is that we recognise that every child is unique and matures at their own pace.

Your child is initially encouraged to gravitate towards activities that they enjoy. We then follow your child’s individual needs and interests, supporting them to grow in both confidence and independence.

When your child is engaged in an activity that they enjoy, they will feel fulfilled. This sense of fulfilment and achievement then gives them the confidence they need to tackle other activities that they might otherwise have avoided. And so, the circle of your child’s personal growth and development continues.

Your child therefore benefits from an extremely well rounded early years education, resulting in them being as well prepared for school as any.

Why is your staff turnover so low?

All team members are extremely passionate about their work, are respected and appreciated for what they do and have, in most instances, been with us for many years. Staff turnover, and any potential disruption to your child’s learning journey and development, is therefore kept to a minimum.


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