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Apple Tree Preschoolers 

“Why fit in when you were born to STAND out?”

Preschoolers need an ideal balance of fresh air, outdoor and indoor activities to satisfy their inquiring minds and growing talents. The words eager, energetic, exploring, inquisitive and confident spring to mind.

We also know that our ‘Small is Beautiful’ ethos provides the best possible outcomes for the children in our care. All children get to know the staff intimately, growing and developing at their own pace. Always self-confident, happy and truly appreciated for who they are.

Why should your little one have to fit into an oversized nursery or preschool when they were born to STAND out?

Apple Tree Preschoolers incorporates our nursery settings, rooms and facilities dedicated to the care of preschool children aged 3 to 5 years. Designed to support your child through the EYFS curriculum, play-based activities and learning in readiness for school.

Our woodland and parkland settings, together with garden style activity centres, more than satisfy the most adventurous within our communities. The EYFS curriculum is then delivered in fun bite-sized chunks, both indoors and out, building upon the knowledge and skills your little one has already learnt as a toddler.

You can depend on Apple Tree Preschoolers to ensure your cherished little one will be enthused and engaged by the caring relationships and friendly faces, together with the high-end facilities and resources available to them.

Apple Tree Toddlers covers all your sessional or full day care nursery and preschool needs:

  • Term time only or all year round
  • Full days 8-6pm, half days 8-1pm or 1-6pm, school hours 8.30-3pm or 8-4pm
  • Specialist preschool age classes
  • Plenty of fresh air and outdoor activities
  • Woodland and parkland settings
  • Optimal nursery school classes 20-30 children, limited spaces
  • Individual, personalised care
  • Snug, home from home environment
  • Eco buildings, underfloor heated where possible
  • Generous staff ratios
  • Individual, personalised care
  • Exemplary nursery school to parent communications
  • Limited spaces available
  • Competitive prices guaranteed (*)

(*) Price match guarantee for equivalent sessions, of reputable quality, found elsewhere locally.


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