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Our specially prepared classroom environments are designed to encourage your child to develop a solid foundation for their future life. Here they are free to select from many hundreds of carefully planned activities that both stimulate and challenge in equal measure.

The learning environment is without competition or time limits, our children don’t feel pressured and they learn at the pace that is most suited to them.

Learning materials are all carefully matched to the children’s varying sizes between the ages of 2 to 6 years. They are attractive and have a self-correcting nature which allows the children to learn quickly and easily from their mistakes, building their self confidence in the process.

Why Do We Mix Age Groups?

Maria Montessori observed that younger children learn and are inspired when observing older children, whilst the older children reaffirm their knowledge and achieve a sense of fulfilment through taking responsibility for helping others.

This structure allows the children to role model, collaborate with others and encourages imitative learning. Children therefore learn to respect each other, develop team-building skills and create a sense of community. The learning insights and collaboration between children creates a harmonious atmosphere within the group.

Your child therefore grows in an environment that is specifically designed to respond to their needs.

Ecology & the Environment

The Montessori educational approach respects the ecology of the local environment. Learning materials and furnishings are made from wood or other natural products. The children learn the necessary skills to care for both themselves and their environment. Snacks are organic or locally sourced. Increasing awareness of respect for the environment, recycling and repurposing is an everyday part of life at our Montessori Nursery School.


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