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Montessori Explained

A Montessori education provides the foundations of your child’s lifetime learning journey, as opposed to the detailed learning itself. After all, children don’t learn algebraic formulae, historic dates or extracts from political speeches by the age of 5. This comes later in their academic and adult lives.

Likewise, the context of what children learn in traditional schools today is different from what they would have been taught just 10 or 20 years ago. The context and detailed learning is therefore constantly changing and out of date.

Montessori foundations bring out the best in young children, gifting them with a love of learning, an inner desire to succeed and a sense of curiosity that stays with them their whole lives – no matter how the context is changing.

The Montessori educational approach recognises that every child is unique and matures at their own pace.

Children are supported to think and do for themselves. They learn in a practical, hands on manner, making their own choices, working and learning at their own pace, developing their own unique personalities and finding their place within the group.

Our specially prepared classroom environment is designed to encourage your child to develop a solid foundation for their future life. Here they are free to select from many hundreds of carefully planned activities that both stimulate and challenge in equal measure.

They will be inspired to try new activities through the observation of other children. The learning insights and collaboration between children creates a harmonious atmosphere within the group.

When your child fully engages in an activity, they enjoy it, feeling fulfilled.

When they feel fulfilled, they engage more deeply, and so on.

Our AMI trained Montessori Guides closely follow each individual child to identify and nurture their specific needs and interests. This allows them to reaffirm and consolidate their learning.

Your child develops an inner confidence, an independence, self-discipline and a desire to learn as a result.

Over time, your child becomes an expert in guiding their own learning pathway.

The Montessori educated include Prince William and Prince Harry, Larry Page and Sergey Brin (the founders of Google), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Nobel Prize winner for Literature) and Anne Frank (author, diarist from World War II) amongst many others.

“Let the child be the guide”


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