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“The jobs that our children will eventually do probably don’t exist yet. Our priority is to teach them the skills they’ll need to adapt, question and collaborate… life skills. So much more useful than rigid concepts such as the alphabet or algebra.”

Now, more than ever, children should be given the best possible start so they’re able to think creatively.

Most people also agree that a child should be free to find the path that suits them best, so they feel engaged, happy and fulfilled. Everything else will follow.

Equally important, our children should truly feel the fun in everything they do. Smiling as they develop through activities that both inspire and engage.

We passionately believe that the Montessori educational approach represents that best possible start to life.

Best Option

An Apple Tree Montessori Nursery School setting represents your best option if you’d like to see your child:

  • Grow up confident, independent, happy and fulfilled
  • Develop a love of learning and a sense of curiosity that stays with them their whole lives
  • Grow in an environment that is specifically designed to respond to their needs
  • Benefit from daily outings to the beach, local parks, gardens and nature reserves
  • Benefit from our innovative and affordable contracts, saving up to £6,840 off standard fee rates

We’d be more than happy to talk further, please call  01273 271969.


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