Call Now to Book a Show Around?

Call Now to Book a Show Around?

Montessori Framework

Montessori education methods are established at our location in Hove. The environment and culture stems from a system that is proven to give children a fantastic progression into the next stage of their learning journey.

Clayton Location

The Nursery School is conveniently located on the edge of Clayton Recreation Ground with easy car parking for dropping off and picking up your child.

Small is Beautiful

In line with our small is beautiful ethos, we keep class sizes small and intimate. We go out of our way to create environments that cater to just 20-30 children each day because this provides the best possible outcomes for the children in our care.

Babies to Preschoolers

We provide nurturing, home from home environments using natural materials and sustainable energy sources (wherever possible). We believe in applying a sprinkling of technology, but not technology for technology’s sake.